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Third-Party Debt Collection

B2 Impact offers a wide range of debt collection solutions for managing overdue debts. Regardless of the solution, our key principles are adherence to ethical and moral standards, protection of our partners' and suppliers' reputations, and respect for customers' rights.

In our approach, we focus on understanding and assessing the customer's debt situation to design a customized solution based on the customer's unique needs and financial situation. We are particularly attentive to customers in vulnerable situations, and our goal is always to help customers regain their financial stability.

B2 Impact is a member of the industry organization Svensk Inkasso and works in accordance with the association's industry code, good debt collection practices, and applicable legislation


Purchase of Overdue Debts

At B2 Impact, we have extensive experience and expertise in valuing and purchasing debt portfolios, primarily from banks and other financial institutions. We offer flexible solutions tailored to the seller's needs and can ensure efficient and professional handling throughout the entire process.

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